WordPress Design & Development

After completing the design survey and providing all the details about your project it’s reviewed and you are provided with a quote for your project. As a WordPress designer I usually have everything I need to get the real work started once the design survey has been completed and any available assets have been delivered. We gather up all of your details, assets and ideas to get the web design project started. Once we get the web design and web development phase started we will start fleshing out your ideas into real and functioning online code.

As soon as the design phase is nailed down and complete, we have a good base to start the second phase of the process which  is the development of the website. Once started, you will receive a preview link that allows you to see the direction the website development is headed in, and gives you the opportunity to provide any feedback you might have. I like to work closely with you as a client ensuring we hit the mark when it comes to the website design and the development of the website. As a professional WordPress designer, I work hard to ensure we hit all of are marks and to make sure every part of the website design is 100% functional.

WordPress Child Themes

WordPress child themes are themes that inherit the functionality of a parent theme, but it allows me as a WordPress designer to make modifications to the parent theme as the child theme’s code overrides the parent theme’s code. Rather than modifying an existing WordPress theme and framework (parent theme) it is much better practice to create a child theme as it protects the parent theme files, and it also helps speed up development time. We offer custom WordPress child theme development services to enhance the functionality of your WordPress website.

Overlaying a Child ThemeSimply put, a child theme keeps any customizations made to the website 100% separate from the original website code. Thus protecting the foundation and integrity of the website’s framework and structure. Employing this method also provides you as the site owner, with a powerful and flexible Content Management System. Some of the industry leaders in “Parent Themes” and “Theme Frameworks” are StudioPress with the Genesis Framework and a collection of child themes . Also Woothemes with the WooFramework and WooCommerce.

WordPress Integration

Integrating your pre-existing website into a content management system like WordPress can dramatically enhance the power and flexibility of your website design. Using themes, plugins, widgets and more WordPress will help save you time, money and most of all frustration.  WordPress integrates with any website design, from the large commerce website to small business website.

Theme Modifications &  Enhancements

There are over a hundred free themes offered by WordPress that you can choose for your website or blog. Even though these themes are awesome you may decide to have them modified just a little bit to make the unique and enhance their functionality. For such situations we offer customized WordPress theme modification services to ensure that your site looks just the way you would like it to.

WordPress Maintenance & Management

Like anything else in life if you want something to be nice and stay nice it needs to be managed and maintained. A website is no different it needs to be kept up-to date for security purposes as well as keeping inline with web standards.

Bells & Whistles

With the design & development phase approved we move onto our next step which is adding things like Google Analytics tracking code and other generally WordPress plugins to the website. Following up from there we start submitting you website to Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines as well as setting up notification systems and routine backups.

Optionally, we can either give you access to upload your content on your own, or we will upload your content for you before launching the website. Additionally this will be an opportunity for any last-minute changes, additions or revisions.

Integrating Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an essential tool for every website and any web designer knows this. By tracking your website and your customers actions on your website you can focus on, and optimize the pages people are most interested in. Any web designer will tell you this is the best way to enhance your conversion rate. Every Brewerj Web Design customer has Google Analytics integrated into their website for vistor tracking information.

Wrapping Up

Hot Diggity Dog! We have come to the end of our escapade, and it looks like your website design is now ready for migration. Once the website is beautiful, functional and full of life, it’s time to migrate your site to your domain and hosting account for the world to see. Don’t worry though, we do all this for you, and if you don’t have an existing domain name or hosting account we can help with that too. Learn more about our website management services.

What is commonly included in our Child Theme Designs

  • Install and setup your theme
  • Blog
  • Install your pages , sidebars, and content
  • Contact form ( gravity forms plugin)
  • Newsletter sign up form
  • Social media integration
  • Facebook fan page feed box
  • Install any requested plugins
  • Yoast SEO Plugin
  • BackupBuddy Backup Plugin
  • Akismet spam filter Plugin
  • Recent Posts Widget
  • Category Widget
  • Setup and installation on your domain/host
  • Submit site and xml sitemap to Google
  • Setup Google Analytics

Check out some examples of this service

If you are interested in this service please contact us for a specific quote.

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