• Mountain Peak

    First and foremost… Thank You!

    Thank you for taking the time from your busy schedule to find me, and thank you for considering me as your teammate, and as a guide through the process of professional web design.

    I for one, am always excited to meet new people, and create new and exciting ways of helping people not only engage, but to fully embrace the incredible power that the internet and a website can posses. It is something as big as the world, yet ironically, it’s practically intangible.

What I do as a Web Designer…

As a full time and contract web designer, and WordPress Developer, I am absolutely confident I can help guide you and the vision you have for your website design & web development endeavor.

I have worked with clients large and small. From the basic blogs about a particular hobby, all the way through helping  businesses scale on, and help open the doors to the larger online markets.

Maybe this is your first website, maybe you have already made the decision to create a website. Now want to scale your business for the larger online market, or to be more precise in targeting your with your advertising dollars. Or maybe you’re just looking to add that fresh coat of paint to let your competition know you’re not going anywhere for a long time. Whatever the case, I can help you get it done!

I have helped many, many people just like you over the years. Acting as a guide, and a go-to source for questions and advise, you can be assured I will help you maneuver through the sometimes confusing process of making your website do more than just look beautiful.

I believe a website should be used as a tool or mechanism strategically implemented to capitalize on your target market. In short… your website should do more than look beautiful, It should help you achieve the goals and expectations you have set for it.

I will forever be grateful for the opportunity folks just like you provide me with each and everyday. I love to chat it up and carry on a conversation (family may say lecture) when it comes to WordPress as a CMS and web design in general. I take seriously, and genuinely enjoy helping to inform and educate anyone with an interest of expanding their business and geographical demographics online, and helping you aim for brighter horizons.


So what does it cost?

Ahhh… the age old question… I get this all the time, and to be honest I wish I could post one price for all, but when it comes to web design and web development every client, and inherently, every project is unique in it’s own creative and goal driven ways. Unfortunately, for this reason alone it’s nearly impossible to create a “one price fits all” pricing chart.

In general, it all hinges on the “Statement of Work“, or the size and scale of the project at hand. I also must take into account the complexity of the design and the feature rich effects you might want to implement within your project. Fortunately with so many great web designers and we developers out there, if you can think of it… it’s probably already been built, and that’s not a bad thing. My personal philosophy when it comes to this is…

There’s no reason to reinvent the wheel, but we can definitely create new, captivating and engaging methods of how the wheel looks and the reaction it gets.

With that quote in mind, websites can usually be placed within one of three groups.

Just starting out

When you start with a fresh slate, (as in don’t currently have a website) there may be many things to consider

Custom Plugin Development

Already got your site up and running and you are ready to scale it to the next level? Make user interaction more streamlined? Integrate socially?

The petal to the metal

So you an awesome website, lots of traffic and a great product or service. now is the time to capitalize and corner your market letting all the competition know you’re not going anywhere.