Enhance Your Website With Custom WordPress Development

From time to time you may need a few changes made after selecting a complimentary WordPress theme from the WP repository, or perhaps the purchase of a premium WordPress theme from an online shop like ThemeForest. After awhile you realize you need the help of a reliable WordPress Developer to help tackle some of the more exciting ideas you have.

WordPress Developer | Customize anything. From Custom WordPress design and layout to customized WordPress Plugin Development enhancing the functionality of your website.

As a Kansas City WordPress Developer I have provided high quality, personalized, WordPress Development and WordPress Plugin Development services to many businesses from the small to medium size in Kansas City and beyond.

The development of a powerful Custom WordPress Website can greatly enhance your ability to manage your website and the content it delivers.

Listening to the needs of your business before starting the development of a website allows us to better understand your business. By better understanding your business and identifying your primary content, we can tailor the development of your website based on this information. Making it easy for you, an employee or anyone else for that matter to easily add, update, edit and remove content from the website.

What’s Included in a Website Designed by a WordPress Developer

After the development of a custom WordPress Website you will then have what is referred to as a custom WordPress theme. All WordPress themes will contain (what should be) a small collection of php template files. These files are what displays the content on your website. Below are the core files of WordPress website should contain after the development is complete.

Header header.php

There is one area of your website that is always there and customers the world-wide-web over all look in the same place to find out what a particular website has to offer. The header. We look there when we first arrive to understand what type of site we are on, we look there when we have questions to see if contact info is available, we look there for help when we get confused about almost anything.

Your header needs to answer your customers’ basic questions immediately. All customers who arrive at your site as the result of a search want to know they are in the right place and you have only a few seconds to set them at ease and get their fingers off of the ‘back’ button. Let us help you get your header looking good.

Home Page index.php

The homepage, possibly the most important page on your website. This is where nearly all visitors will land when they come to your website. If you homepage is geared to engage your user and get them to complete a goal then you might be seeing a high bounce rate. Let us help you by placing calls to action in prime areas of the homepage. This helps convert visitors and keep them on the site longer.

Sidebar sidebar.php

The all-powerful sidebar. The sidebar can be super useful and helpful for you website visitors. This section of the website usually provides additional information and helpful links to more content. The trick is to make sure you have relevant content in the sidebar relative on the content your visitors are reading. So providing the most relevant and useful information will help guide your visitors through your website and to an end goal.

Blog Page template-blog.php

Think it, write it, edit it and then publish it. The blog is a great resource to keep users up-to date on what you’re doing and somewhat of  roadmap of your business.

Blog Post Page single.php

Ah the meat of the website. The content of a full blog post. After freshly pressing your new content you want to make sure this page provides your visitors all the tools they need to help share, link, tweet, comment and interact with your post and your website. We can help you get you page organized and easily sharable.

Custom WordPress Templates template-blog.php

From time to time you might run into an issue where you need a custom WordPress template created. Some examples might be a portfolio to display a gallery of images or possibly a template for client testimonials. From sitemap templates, blog author templates or custom search results we can help you out.

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