Website Design Services

As a freelance web designer in Kansas City, I offer a full spectrum of website design, support and development services. Just need some small changes on an existing website? I can help wth that at an affordable price. Maybe you’re wanting to do a full makeover of your existing website.

I can help with that too! In fact, working together, we can start from the ground up and create a custom website design with all the features you want and need.

Every website design is unique…
and every client is different, and every website has its own purpose. By defining a purpose and declaring the goals of the website we have a solid foundation to start with.

Common characteristics in Website Design…
As unique as your website design maybe it will generally share many of the same design elements or characteristics of other websites, like a contact form or social icons for sharing content online.

Generally these are included in all of our web design services. For a more in depth list of included elements you can check it out in WordPress Design.

  Website Layout

The web design starts with layout. Working closely with our clients we determine if we need fullwidth page layouts, sidebars for additional content as well as the layout for the header and footer of the website.

  Website Design Elements

Website design elements can be both the little things, and the site-wide styles like the color of links. Some general web design elements would include the color palette, buttons, typography, hover effects and more.

  Website Functionality

Of course your website will look beautiful, but it should also be functional. We make sure to put in all the extra options that are unique to your website so when it’s live to the world it is easy for you to update and maintain.

Not all websites are created equal

Not all website designs are made in the same way. There are a lot of different programming languages and design trends out there. But as the old saying goes… “there is no reason to reinvent the wheel”, and I believe the same.

There are many great frameworks available for rapid website development and WordPress just happens to be one of them. WordPress is essentially a software package you can install on your web server and use as a tool to manage your website.

Static Websites

A static HTML website, is a website that can consist of many, many HTML files, or just a few depending on how many pages a given website has. When building a static HTML website there is a .html document created for every page on the site. Each page and the code behind it is unique to that page. This is an outdated web design technique and most web designers do not build these websites anymore.

Dynamic Websites

Naturally the more languages you know the more dynamic you can be in the world. You can communicate with more people, be more efficient, possibly more attractive and also be more productive.
The same is true when a website uses more than one language. It can communicate more clearly in its requests, it can be more efficient, possibly more attractive and also be more productive.

Dynamic Template Files

A dynamic website is one that works from a set of templates, usually coded using PHP and MySQL. The templates created are generally the same for most websites. you would have something like below item would serve as a part of the website.
Dynamic websites utilize much more powerful web coding languages like PHP, and databases like MySQL. These are considered sever-side languages.
HTML is the most basic of languages, it’s just a Markup language. Basically it provides the structure for the content on your website.
Then of course you have the CSS or Cascading Stylesheets which provide the layout and colors of your web design. Again, a pretty basic language but it does a fantastic job with website layout and design. You would be hard pressed to find a website that doesn’t include a CSS stylesheet on the web today.

  • Header
  • Sidebar
  • Footer

By having one template file serve as the same code on every page of your website this becomes much more efficient Now if you wanted to update that logo on your website that has 100+ pages you change it in one place, not 100+.
By infusing PHP and MySQL into your website you can do a whole array of new things. PHP allows a web designer to use conditional logic within the website template files and give custom results and feedback based on a users interaction with the webpage.

Website Design Survey…
The initial part of the web design process begins with completing the website design survey. We will go over examples of websites you like, design elements you like, and also define a strategy for the website. This includes building a sitemap for the structure of your website and any special goals that you may want to complete..

Once we have established the Main purpose and the primary goals of the website we listen to your ideas and answer any questions you might have. This first step gives us a great insight into where you’re currently at with your website, or ideas and the best methods for designing and developing your website, while making sure to stay budget conscious.