Freelance Web Designer

I’m a Web Designer, an Entrepreneur, an Awesome Dad, an Apple Enthusiast, an Amateur Photographer, a Skateboarder, a dog lover, and an avid Gardener living near Kansas City, in St. Joseph Missouri. With over ten years experience in graphic design, web design and WordPress development I specialize in custom WordPress Design and WordPress Development.

Freelance Kansas City Web Designer

As a WordPress web designer I specialize in providing and customizing WordPress websites for small and large business owners who want to make a professional website the first step in establishing themselves as leaders in their industries.

After discussing your website design ideas and the functionality your business needs to grow, I help you and your team form a structred sitemap for your website design, and a clearly defined path for providing your visitors with relevant information. I take each project on with a clear precise goal in mind. This is how we accomplish our set goals and maximize your investment.

A little bit of history…

With over eleven years experience mapping, designing, developing, migrating and launching websites for clients large and small we’re confident we can help you and your business succeed online. You can learn more about my journey into the world of web design and developing websites with WordPress below. You can also check out my portfolio and some of the clients I’ve worked with in the past. Additionally you have extra time and nothing else to do you can read some of the nice things people had to say about Brewerj Web Design.

Adobe Photoshop & Graphic Design

When I first became interested in web design and digital graphics I started  using Photoshop and Dreamweaver. Starting with Photoshop 7.0 O had great time. It was fun, and I had fun with it. It was just kind of a hobby  for a year or two, switching faces on people, putting myself in some exotic location. Just fun stuff like that, but it kept me interested  I really enjoyed the challenge of seeing how real I could make certain images appear.

I even made some (what I think is cooltime lapse videos of retouching portraits on YouTube. Though some of the comments we’re not always uplifting it was the early days and I’m still proud of these videos. It takes me back to my roots where I started 😉

Photoshop provided all the tools it took to make really cool stuff (at least I though), it was just a matter of how well I could use the tools. I started spending a lot time using Photoshop and wanting to be the best I could be. I eventually went on to get my Adobe ACE certification (ACE) in Photoshop and decided to try to get a job as a graphic designer.

The Journey to Web Designer

Soon after looking for around for a job as a graphic artist I found the perfect opportunity at FCI Maketing. It was a great job at the time, I really enjoyed it. I created graphics for marketing materials like posters, banners, semi-trailer banners, trade show graphics and tons more. I had a so-worker at FCI by the name of Frankie Jarrett, All I can say is GREAT GUY!  He was in charge of the company’s website and over saw the graphics for the current projects we worked on.

We got along really well considering we were both Mac Geeks and liked the same things. He introduced me to all sorts of new and interesting information about web design and content management systems. It was like Photoshop all over again! Something really cool that I can try to be really good at, and he had already given me a giant head start. Again all the tools were there it was just a question of how well I could understand and utilize them.

I already knew about the basic html, css, static websites and kind of how to build them, but Frankie introduced me to a whole new world of web design. I dove in head first. Frankie and I worked together for several years using CMS made simple as our primary content management system. Over about a year and a half we started hitting a ceiling with the level development we we’re able to accomplish with this particular content management system. We eventually decided to make a big leap of faith and put all our eggs in one basket. We dove head first into WordPress as our website design and development platform in 2009 and hands down, it’s the best decision we could have made!

WordPress Development

WordPress was such a major upgrade from the current content management system we were using. Utilizing WordPress for website design and website development dramatically changed the quality of websites and the end product we were able to provide for our clients. Over a period of two years we developed nearly 30+ WordPress websites for clients in St. Joseph, Kansas City, Southern Missouri and businesses all across the state great state of Missouri. From large networks of Health Care Centers across the state to local small businesses.

I’m eager to help you get your business online, and give your Internet marketing the kick-start that it needs! So take a minute to look through my portfolio and what I have done for others. If you like what you see feel free to get in touch today and lets bring your ideas to life!

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